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UTF at a Glance

A General Look at the Statistics of University of Tehran Supporters Foundation

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Our Vision and Goals

Tehran University Supporters Foundation on 02/30/2013 in order to take advantage of the material and spiritual capabilities of donors, to encourage and encourage the wealthy and well-intentioned to strengthen and expand the infrastructure of Tehran University, with the collective efforts of well-intentioned donors and well-wishing graduates of Tehran University in order to support the goals And the university’s national, regional and international missions were launched as a symbol of higher education. The first meeting of the founding board of Tehran University Supporters Foundation was held in June of the same year after holding the first Tehran University Benefactors Festival.

Impact Stories

See where money donated to University of Tehran goes

The Memorandum of Understanding “Mr. Dr. Alireza Zamani’s Living Support Award and Credit” is in line with advancing the scientific and cultural goals of the University of Tehran and developing its scientific and research activities, and Dr. Emami expressed his intention to prepare and sign this memorandum to honor the memory of his son, Dr. Alireza Zamani.


Long live Mr. Dr. Alireza Zamani

 Mrs. Qodsieh Rahmatian performed this godly deed with her indomitable character and unreserved generosity.she donated an apartment (her personal property) located in Zafaranieh neighborhood of Tehran in the form of a lifetime peace, according to which 20% of the proceeds from Peace will be given to Animal Physiology Laboratory in Faculty of Biology, Faculty of Science, Tehran University, and the rest will be used for the education and well-being of gifted students.

Qudsiyeh Rahmatian

Dr. Mobhamfard emphasized the strong presence of benefactors in the university and the field of science and knowledge and considered the attention to this field to have fruitful results in order to achieve the goals of the society near and far. While signing and writing a note, he donated his two books titled “Pests of fruit trees and their control management” and “Memoir of Dr. Morteza Esmaili” to the library of Tehran University’s Patron Foundation.

Parvaneh Azmayeshfard

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